You need a long-lasting, high-end cooler with plenty of ice retention times, but you’ve got a yacht instead of a fishing boat. You’re headed to your country club’s annual back yard party instead of your child’s soccer game. Maybe you just love good design and aren’t that into the rugged coolers so popular right now.

Enter Sovaro. Sovaro coolers are designed to keep your items cold and turn some heads while doing it. The company uses high-end details geared at the modern aristocrat with a truly unique type of insulation that might have you rethinking what you consider a cooler to be. But is it the right one for you? Let’s break it all down in our Sovaro Cooler Review for 2022.

Best Sovaro Coolers For Most People

Honestly, we don’t think “most people” are Sovaro’s target audience, but if you happen to be one of them, here are two of our absolute favorites.

18-inch Soft Sided Cooler

The company’s real claim to fame is their hard-sided coolers, but that doesn’t mean the handful of soft-sided coolers aren’t up to speed. It features a durable 2520 denier (yes, you read that right) nylon with high-end webbing for even more strength. The feet are TPR and elevate the cooler off the ground to reduce temperature transfer.

It’s tall enough to carry bottles of wine, and a removable ice container helps with bartending. The top opens wide to allow easy access to everything inside while a dry goods tray helps keep things dry and folds flat when you don’t need it.

The shoulder strap and handles are reinforced neoprene, and there’s a storage pocket on the front for your keys, phone, and other essential items. It’s perfect for packing meals for two people or for keeping the group stocked in wine for the day.

What Customers Like:

  • tall enough for wine bottles
  • good storage
  • dry goods separator

Common Complaints:

  • only two sizes available
  • expensive

45 Quart Cooler

The 45 Quart is plenty big enough to pack food for your small group but doesn’t weigh so much that you’ll have trouble transporting it. It features a smooth roto-molded exterior with gold or chrome accents and an interior that uses cork as insulation.

Sovaro’s use of this unusual insulation isn’t without merit. The cooler has an ice retention rate of about five days, and the interior resists mold, mildew, and odors possibly better than standard plastic. It’s unusual, but it works.

A freezer-style gasket lid seals air out and prevents moisture from leaking as you move the cooler around. Hinges have friction to lock open but release at the halfway point to allow the lid to close.

What Customers Like:

  • an excellent ice retention rate
  • high-end design
  • cork insulation

Common Complaints:

  • very expensive
  • not “rugged” enough for active users

Everything Else: The Entire Sovaro Line

The company sells wine glasses. That alone catches our attention, but their cooler offerings are focused on quality rather than quantity. They have a handful of both hard sided and soft sided coolers in addition to cooler accessories. Let’s take a look.

Hard Sided Coolers

These are Sovaro’s flagship designs. They feature roto-molded exteriors, a process that rotates the mold as plastic is poured to create a more durable, crack-resistant surface. It holds insulation better than standard double-walled coolers and prevents weak spots and air leaks.

The interior uses premium cork as an insulator, a material you may not realize is an excellent source of insulation. The logic is that cork is naturally impervious to humidity and moisture, so there’s no need for treatments to help your cooler resist mold and mildew. Plus, it’s quite a conversation piece.

Most of their coolers have choices in the finish for hardware, including gold and chrome accents. Hinges are reinforced and friction-driven to help the cooler lid stay open. A freezer gasket closure helps prevent air leaks.

These coolers are designed to be show-stopping, aiming for a luxury crowd that isn’t going to get mud or lake water on their coolers. It’s got a hefty price tag, but the coolers should last you for a lifetime of use.

Soft Sided Coolers

There are two soft-sided cooler choices, an 18 quart and 22-quart, that use an insanely high denier count exterior fabric for a durable finish that might last longer than you do. They have plenty of storage and use only the best materials to finish the bag including neoprene handles and reinforced bottom materials.

The interior uses a food-safe liner that resists mold, mildew, and odors. There’s an exterior pocket for peripheral storage and feet that elevate the bag off the ground to help with temperature interference and to keep it clean (because you know that’s important with this style of bag).

Backpack Cooler

They do have one backpack offering that’s very similar to their soft-sided coolers. It uses the same ultra-durable exterior material with high denier counts and reinforced hardware. Instead of a zipper, it uses an innovative roll top to prevent air leaks and to make getting in and out of the interior easier.

It has a large front pocket for storage and padded shoulder straps to help distribute the weight of the bag evenly across your back and shoulders with no pressure points. Elevated feet keep the bag off the ground when you aren’t carrying it. It can accommodate taller bottles with no issues.


The company does sell compatible accessories such as food prep trays and organizational tools designed to complement your coolers and help you pack. You can also get a variety of tumblers and other accessories to take with you on your trips to make both prepping and consuming food and drinks a lot easier and more stylish.

Sovaro Coupons

Sovaro doesn’t really do coupons. You may be able to find dealer promotions, but if you order directly through Sovaro, you’re going to pay full price. The cooler is an investment and should last a lifetime if you take care of it, however.

Sovaro 45 Quart Review

The Sovaro 45 Quart is one of their best sellers and should satisfy most of your cooler needs. With the hard-sided coolers, you get the full breadth of Sovaro’s design aesthetic, so let’s take a closer look at what the Sovaro 45 has to offer.


Sovaro uses roto-molded plastic to create a durable exterior that resists cracking and UV damage. Roto-molded coolers are better at holding insulation and should last a lot longer than standard plastic coolers.

The real interest is the interior. Cork provides long-lasting insulation that resists mold and mildew because of the composition of the material. You may not think it can hold in the cold, but it’s actually impermeable to gas and liquid. Plus, it won’t break down over time the way other insulating materials can.

It uses an automotive grade rubber gasket on the lid to lock in cold and seal out leaks. The hinges are durable and molded into the exterior. They’re friction based, so opening and closing the lid is easy, and it stays where you put it.


The cooler use rounded edges with smooth lines to create a timeless look. It’s not meant to be thrown around in the back of your truck though it certainly could stand up to something like that. It comes in a few different colors with metal accent choices for customization.

The handles on the sides are large and sculptural, making the cooler easier to carry while standing out in the looks department. Inside, the cooler is divided into thirds with notches intended to handle the divider. The divider is scratch resistant and transparent, so you’ll never worry about scratching the cork or losing the ability to see everything that’s inside the cooler.

The interior height is tall enough to accommodate wine and champagne bottles without laying them on their sides. This is intentional and gives you plenty of usable space for what you need. The drainage plug allows water to drain completely, so you never have to tip it.

It comes with wheels and a telescoping handle for easier transport. You can get quite a bit of leverage with the design that allows you to position the cooler wherever you need it easily. The top latch is one touch, giving you confidence that it’s sealed and making it easy to operate even one-handed.

Cleaning And Maintenance

The cooler shouldn’t need any prep beforehand, but care should be taken before you clean it. Cork will resist most odors so you shouldn’t have to clean it out to remove smells. If you happen to get gunk on the inside, clean the interior walls with warm water and mild dish soap only, no bleach or harsh abrasives. Make sure you leave your cooler open all night to allow it to thoroughly dry.

Clean the exterior with warm water or mild soap if you need to, but again, it’s essential to avoid harsh abrasives that can damage the finish and reduce the life of your cooler. Most Sovaro coolers won’t need cleaning and will require only mild maintenance to last a lifetime.


The 45 quart is easy to move because it has comfortable handles that are reinforced to reduce their weak points. Wheels and a telescoping handle help move it if you can’t actually lift it or if you’d rather keep one of your hands free. It’s also ergonomic enough to tandem carry side by side if that’s more your style.

What Customers Are Saying

Most customers are floored by the luxury and overall design of Sovaro, mentioning that every detail is considered in the design and functionality.

The cooler is awesome! Every detail seems to be planned and executed perfectly to deliver the most premium cooler on the market! Not only are the details thought through, but the refinement is as well (from the quality of the telescoping handle to the soft close hinges)!

Customers are also impressed with the innovative insulation material, and the way it resists odors. Overall, the design seems to impress people who have a more casual style than what other rugged coolers are going for.

What Customers Like:

  • unique insulation style
  • soft close, friction hinges
  • durable exterior
  • small, luxury touches such as gold or chrome accents

Common Complaints

  • prohibitively expensive for some people
  • not many storage options

Coolers Like Sovaro

There aren’t many coolers that compare to Sovaro just because of the way it’s designed, but here are some alternatives in roto-molded coolers that can last just as long as Sovaro in the heat. Let’s take a look.


Pelican is somewhat the antithesis of Sovaro. The company began as a producer of tactical equipment and that style shows in its coolers. They’re rugged and aggressively designed with roto-molded bodies and up to two inches of premium, commercial-grade insulation for cold retention rates of up to ten or more days under ideal circumstances.

The interior is a food-safe liner that resists odors, mold, and mildews so that you don’t have to worry about slime or other grime gathering in your ice. The drain spout, like the Sovaro, is fully capable of draining the cooler completely without tipping.

Hinges and latches are reinforced to reduce those common weak areas. Hinges are molded into the body of the cooler and secured with a pin to prevent failure, but they don’t stand up on their own like the Sovaro. Latches are a rubber blend to reduce cracking and are easy pull designs.

The Sovaro is more expensive than the comparable Pelican by a lot, but it does offer a unique and sustainable interior that could appeal to the design crowd. It’s just a little bit lighter than the comparable Penguin, and all Sovaro coolers come with wheels and a telescoping handle, unlike Pelican’s limited options.

Pelican’s soft coolers are superior to Sovaro in many ways, but both offer the chance for a practically indestructible soft-sided cooler. Pelican doesn’t have a backpack option, but their handled options have the edge over Sovaro.

We recommend getting the Pelican if you’re super hard on your coolers or like a more aggressive, tactical design. Also, if budget is a concern, we recommend Pelican wholeheartedly. Finally, if it all comes down to ice retention rates, Pelican is your choice in both hard and soft-sided choices.

Sovaro is best for a crowd that prefers a more refined design with smooth edges and round corners. It’s more at home on a fancy boat than out in the wild. If you prefer the sustainable material of cork or Sovaro’s more customizable interior, it’s a better option than Pelican. Also, if you’re looking for a backpack option, Sovaro is your only choice.


Yeti’s designs are closer to Sovaro although still not quite as focused on luxury. Yeti is reminiscent of classic coolers from the 1950s with fun colors and rounded edges. The roto-molded exterior is durable and crack resistant. It can withstand UV exposure and soaring temperatures without melting the plastic.

The interior uses food safe lining to hold two inches of premium, commercial-grade insulation. It can hold temperature for up to ten days under suitable conditions, and the lining resists odors, molds, and mildews.

The handles, hinges, and latches are reinforced to reduce common weak points. Hinges are molded into the body and held with a pin for a no-fail system. The latches are a durable rubber blend that won’t crack like plastic will while handles are comfortable and reinforced to prevent breaking.

Yeti has so many options for both hard sided and soft-sided coolers that just about any style of cooler you’d need, you can find. It’s best for those who have needs other than the most common sizes (think really large or personal) plus multiple options for soft sided coolers including a backpack version. Plus, it’s slightly less expensive than comparable Sovaro styles.

Sovaro has the edge with luxury materials. Again, if your purpose is to turn heads or you’re into the customizability of interiors and the sustainability of cork, Sovaro could be the better option. It certainly has better details than the Yeti.

Final Thoughts

Sovaro gets a 4 out of 5 stars for being innovative and design worthy. We aren’t quite sure that the design alone is worth the hefty price tag, but if you can swing it, you’ll get a unique cooler very few others have. We’d also like to see more size options than just the three hard sided and three soft-sided, but as the company grows, they may surprise us.

Overall, Sovaro gets our vote for the most showstopping cooler. It fits well on luxury boats or as a design feature in your new backyard oasis, but if you’re looking for a rugged finish, this may not be the right one. Also, if you have unique sizing needs, you won’t find it here. However, if you’re looking for a cooler that will turn heads both inside and out, Sovaro has what it takes.

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